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An excellent site for listening & practice:

California Distance Learning Project  An American English site for adult learners.  Choose a topic & story. Read & listen. Do the exercises.

You can email your test results to your teacher.

There are many topics & stories to choose from, and this is also a good way to learn about American culture and everyday life.


Chinese Online Newspapers:

An excellent way to keep up with current English usages and idioms.

China Daily: with links to U.S.A. and E.U. editions

China Daily Language Tips for English Students:

Global Times:

21st Century:


International Online Newspapers:

Japan Times: Japan

The Korea Herald: South Korea

The New York Times: American

Life Magazines World news in pictures

1,000s of newspapers from around the world


Advanced English Practice Sites:

BBC Learn English  British English for the more advanced learners

or go to for many other languages.

English Baby! advanced American English  authentic everyday spoken American English, not VOA student English.

Learn English  A general purpose English learning page from English Club


Writing Skills:

Writing Resources  from the Writing Centre at the University of Colorado State


Libraries of English Books, Short stories, Poetry, Plays:

The Classic Reader Library

Short Stories New & Old

The Bartleby Library of Fiction & Non-fiction

Grimm’s Fairy Tales ~ all 42 stories

Complete Works of Shakespeare

Scripts to Modern and Classic Dramas

The Gutenberg Project

Modern & Older English Poetry from the       University of Toronto Library

Song Lyrics


Foreign Festivals & Holidays:

Holidays on the ‘Net: foreign festivals


Basics of Modern Western (English) Cultures:

United States of America

Society of the U.S.A.

Literature of the U.S.A.

Culture of the 1960s

United Kingdom



New Zealand


Origins of Modern Western Cultures:

The Holy Bible: King James Version

Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica: Roman mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse mythology


All About Chinese Culture in English:

Can you talk about your culture? Yes! Can you talk about your culture in English with a foreigner? Well, maybe not. Here are some good sites to help you.

Everything you need to know about China has a very good selection of information about modern and ancient China, well organized.

Chinese Myths & Legends

Ancient Chinese Fables

Home Architecture


Famous People of Modern China:

Sun Yatsen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Chiang Kaishek

Mao Zedong ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Zhou Enlai

Deng Xiaoping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Jiang Zemin

Hu Jintao ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Wen Jiabao

Xi Jinping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Wu Bangguo

People’s Republic of China


Online Pen-pals & E-pals:

these 2 sites are safe and well monitored to keep the crazies away.

Pen Pals from “Students of the World”  a very good place for beginners. Easy to use. Also has very good information & pictures about other countries. Check the menu down the left side.

International Pen Pals


Discover the World Outside of China:

Online science & information sites in words and pictures. All easy to read, made for the general public. Good everyday vocabulary and just lots of fun to explore.

National Geographic

Discovery Channel

Live Science

Life’s Little Mysteries

Inter-active World Atlas

Atlas Obscura  a very interesting website devoted to the out-of-the-way and unusual places in the world.


Online Dictionaries & Text-speak Translators:

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary

An inter-active learning dictionary

Netlingo textspeak translator

Lingo2word textspeak translator  coz f u duno d lang, u cnot ch@


English Idioms & Expressions & things:

Idioms and phrases

Idioms  from the Englishclub

Ralph’s Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters |

Loony Limericks



an excellent way to learn very useful everyday vocabulary about food and cooking, while learning some foreign food culture at the same time. Simple, basic words you should know.

Recipe Source




Word games & puzzles

Useless Knowledge

A very interesting colour-blindness test


Canadian English, eh?

Canadian (& other) Online Radio

Good down-east English



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Pictures of Canada

from East to West, then turn right:


Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick

Quebec City






British Columbia

some friends

Yukon Territory

Northwest Territories


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More Pictures


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